The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review by Melanie Addington – Will it Work for You?

Herpes can be a devastating diagnosis. The physical effects, like itching painful sores, exhaustion, headaches, and raw cracked skin, are bad enough to impact everyday life, but they’re not the whole story. The stigma of herpes can challenge relationships with not only your romantic partners, but also your friends and family. Getting effective treatment and controlling the outbreaks is an important step in taking care of yourself and your partners. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is one product which claims to provide permanent relief from herpes through entirely natural means.

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How Does The Herpes Virus Work?

The herpes virus is passed on through sexual contact, and may be transmittable even if there is no current outbreak, leading some people to be infected through misinformation from their partner.

Once it is in your body, the virus travels along the nerves, sometimes lying dormant and other times traveling to the surface of the skin and causing painful reactions. There are two different virus types, herpes simplex type 2, which is most commonly the cause of genital herpes, and herpes simplex type 1, which more commonly causes cold sores but can also result in genital herpes.

The Danger of Avoiding Treatment

While a herpes diagnosis may feel embarrassing, it is important that you take an active role in protecting your health. Untreated herpes can result in more outbreaks that last longer and are more painful. It can also mean increased risk to your partners and can be a serious hazard to pregnant women and their babies. You may even run the risk of the infection spreading to other areas of your body, resulting in even more uncomfortable and noticeable outbreaks.

People with compromised immune systems, such as people with autoimmune illnesses like HIV or lupus, and people undergoing chemo, should be especially careful. Without a strong immune system to fight it, the herpes virus can result in more severe outbreaks. The rashes and open sores that result from these outbreaks provide a way for other, potentially more serious infections to enter the body.

What is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a natural approach to treating herpes developed by herpes sufferer MelanieĀ Addington and her father, a medical professional. It advocates using changes in diet and lifestyle to increase the health of the sufferer and reduce the frequency of outbreaks. The method avoids using harsh and expensive chemicals, opting instead for a more holistic approach to treatment.

Cure_Herpes_NaturallyThis program also encourages to advocate for themselves and take charge of their healthcare, rather than relying on large pharmaceutical companies. The unfortunate fact is, medication is a large and profitable business, which means patient care can sometimes fall second to the company’s bottom line. It is always important to do your own research, including talking to doctors and looking at peer reviewed studies, to ensure you are getting the best possible care, not just helping fund the pharmaceutical company’s next big project.

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How Does The Herpes Protocol Work?

The first stage of the program is aimed at improving the immune system. The program examines dietary measures you can take to improve your body’s natural ability to fight illnesses. Jennifer also addresses environmental stressors that might weaken your ability to fight herpes outbreaks, such as dental care practices and common household chemicals and materials. Poor nutrition leaves the body vulnerable to attack, and this system shows you simple, holistic ways to step up your defenses.

The next step of the system is to clear away bodily toxins. This cleansing process will help clear up a number of bodily problems, including poor digestion and frequent headaches and fatigue. Not only does this address some of the common flu-like symptoms of a herpes infection, it also wipes out other concerns that may be consuming your body’s resources. Getting your internal affairs in order gives your body more resources to fight the infection. It will also allow you to feel better on a day to day basis, preparing you to take care of your health

Preparing your immune system to stand up and fight is only the beginning. This program follows up by suggesting natural supplements and ingredients to weaken the protective lipid layer that keeps the herpes virus safe from your immune system. Jennifer also provides a dietary plan to slow the virus’s multiplication or even grind it to a halt. She helps users identify which extracts and supplements will provide the greatest benefit and which have a compound makeup that prevents them from operating well with the body.

The treatment focuses on a natural approach that avoids the serious side effects people may encounter with traditional treatment options. As an added bonus, the nutrients recommended are inexpensive and easily accessible for the average person.

How Does The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Work


Risks of Common Herpes Medications

Commonly prescribed herpes medications can have side effects that range from unpleasant to seriously dangerous to your health. Acyclovir can cause dizziness or fatigue that can make it difficult to get on with your every day life and can even make driving dangerous. Valtrex may cause nausea and headaches in addition to dizziness and fatigue. Some individuals may have severe reactions to these medications, such as confusion and hallucinations, kidney problems, seizures, and vision problems. It is crucial to speak with your doctor immediately if you are having serious side effects with your herpes medication.

Side-Effects of Herpes MedicationPregnant mothers are also at risk with herpes medications, although sometimes the benefits may outweigh the risks.

For individuals whose bodies can’t tolerate harsh herpes medications, a more natural approach may be the best and healthiest solution. You need to fight for your own health, not just let herpes take over your life when medications fail.

Who Does The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Benefit?

If you’ve been struggling with outbreaks that don’t seem to respond to treatment, this system may give your body and immune system the boost it needs to get back in the fight. It can also be a great help if you’ve just received your diagnosis and want to hit the ground running in self care.

People who are unable to take prescription herpes medications, due to allergies, kidney or liver problems, or other contraindications may benefit from a natural approach that puts far less stress on the body and organs.

Or perhaps you believe (rightly so) in attacking herpes at the root of the problem, not just suppressing the symptoms as the medications do. If so, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is for you.

Banish Herpes

In spite of the name, this program isn’t only useful for people with herpes. Individuals who suffer from shingles, a painful nerve disorder associated with chicken pox, may also receive some relief by following this system.

Giving your body the tools it needs to develop a strong immune system will have benefits beyond fighting this insidious virus. The body’s immune system is used to fight everything from herpes to the common cold. A strong immune system will leave you with fewer sick days at work and greater health and comfort throughout the year.

Should You Buy The Ultimate Herpes Protocol?

Based on our research, if you are willing to take your health into your own hands and follow the steps detailed within, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is an excellent resource to give you all of the guidance you need. The good news is, you can get it without a large investment or much risk to yourself. The program is typically $37 and there is also a generous money back guarantee program. You can test the system out for 60 days, and if you don’t see the results you want, you can request a full refund.

Purchase The Ultimate Herpes Protocol from the official website – now only $37

Jennifer has also provided some added value to the program, tailored to help those with a herpes diagnosis get back to a full and happy life. Along with the Ultimate Herpes Protocol, you will receive bonuses including a guide to attracting new people online and guide to avoiding negativity and depression in the face of your diagnosis.

It should be said that if you do not feel like you are willing to make some sacrifices (such as changes to your diet), this protocol is probably not for you. You need to be 100% committed to naturally overcoming your herpes for this protocol to be completely effective.

Being Your Own Best Friend

Many people are embarrassed about their herpes diagnosis, but the infection is more common than you may think. 1 in 5 Americans are living with a herpes diagnosis. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling undesirable or depressed because of this common ailment. While the symptoms can be uncomfortable, the first outbreak is sometimes the worst, and treatment isn’t that much worse than that of any infection. You may embarrassed about an outbreak, but the average person will never know you are dealing with it unless you want to tell them.

Don’t let embarrassment stop you from getting the treatment you need and deserve. Talk to your doctor about your options and carefully weigh the pros and cons of any medication he or she may recommend. Consider natural solutions like The Ultimate Herpes Protocol and make use of your 60 days money back guarantee to ensure it works for you.

Communicate clearly with your partners and use safe sex practices to protect them. If you are struggling with depression or anxiety, reach out and talk to a professional to help you through. Doing your own research and advocating for your own health will ensure you get the best possible care. You are worth the time and effort. You are deserving of good health and a positive self image. Learn to be your own best friend and you will get through this diagnosis to better health and happiness.

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