Best Herbs for Herpes – Antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory & Immune-Boosting Remedies

Medicinal Herbs and FlowersDid you know that herbs can be a powerful ally to have on your side in the fight to prevent herpes outbreaks naturally?

There are the antiviral herbs that stop HSV from rallying its troops and multiplying.

Anti-inflammatory herbs that soothe the wounds you have already been dealt.

And of course, the immune-boosting herbs that help fortify your defenses against a repeat attack.

These are the herbs you want on your side when planning your victory against herpes.

The Best Herbs For Herpes & Herbal Remedies

Aloe Vera

The Greek see this plant as the universal panacea, and the Egyptians see it as the “plant of immortality.” Its long and worldwide medicinal history seems to prove these ancient civilizations right. Commonly used in dermatology, aloe vera is considered a useful topical treatment for HSV-1 infections. We can see how it can help to soothe, calm, and heal HSV lesions.

However, loaded with many constituents that includes vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fatty acids, and more, it can heal wounds, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, act as an antiviral agent, and inhibit virus activity.

While there are internal benefits from taking aloe orally, you can be guaranteed there will be significant improvement in pain-relief when using it topically.


Natural Treatments for HSV 2If you’ve got the herp, you definitely need this powerful anti-herpetic herb in your medicine cupboard. It’s so effective as a natural medicine that the above-ground portions of the coneflower are federally approved in Germany to treat respiratory and urinary infections, colds, and slow-to-heal wounds.

But, the most potent form of echinacea in treating HSV is when it’s used as an extract. It reduced over 99 percent of HSV-induced plaque formations, and it remains active against the infection for the duration of its active phase.

Echinacea-pressed juice also showed significant antiviral activity against the herpectic infection during its entire replication cycle.

It’s such a promising preventative and treatment for herpes that every part of the plant in various forms is being studied for its possible defense benefits against the virus. It even helps to keep the herp at bay by preventing it from activation.


You might not know much about the anti-herpes benefits of ginseng, but science does. They’ve been testing out the antiviral properties of various types of ginseng from red (Korean) to Siberian ginseng. One study on vaginal herpes found that red ginseng can help to prevent contracting the infection all together.

If you already have it, it helps to reduce systematic infection, lessen the severity of the flareups, and accelerate the healing process. Ginseng is also effective against antibiotic-resistant viral strains because it stimulates immune-modulatory processes when viral DNA mutates.

Because of its additional anti-inflammatory and protective effects to host cells and the body, it’s an effective medicine for everything from ED to cancer and herpes.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)

Lemon Balm in PotLemon balm contains tannins, polyphenols, and vitamins that are excellent agents to fight off and soothe the symptoms of both types of herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Its antiviral activity is impressive as it can prevent the virus from penetrating the host cell by manipulating the virus before it attempts adsorption.

In one study, it “abolished viral infectivity nearly completely.” Used topically in an ointment, you can expect faster healing and longer periods between breakouts, if it ever comes back again.

A topical lemon balm treatment has highly concentrated activity against the herpes virus, and it can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling. Read our in depth article on the awesome benefits of Lemon Balm here.

Olive Leaf Extract

A bunch of olive tree branches in a wooden box.This isn’t a vitamin, but it does have very powerful and robust antioxidant properties, namely, oleuropein. Oleuropein is the chemical compound that’s mainly responsible for its antiviral action.

One of the ways Olive Leaf Extract is effective against the herpes virus is its ability to stimulate protein production in the body.

These proteins help to inhibit viral replication and activation. It can even enter an infected host cell and pose a threat to the virus there. But, oleuopein isn’t the only biologically active component in olive leaf extract.

There are plenty more that can join the war in beating herpes one day, week, month, and year at a time. Read the full article on Olive Leaf Extract & it’s awesome benefits here.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel can be applied topically to herpes lesions and is especially good when combined with Aloe Vera. It will provide relief from weeping, painful blisters and has antiviral properties to help combat the virus.

Witch hazel will help to dry out the herpes lesions and in most cases, can be applied neat. If you experience stinging with the application, opt for a diluted solution instead. You can also get witch hazel pads which are ready to use.

Natural Herbs for Herpes

When waging war against herpes, make sure you include some of the herbal remedies listed here.

They just may be the loyal troops you need to help you achieve victory.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a professional healthcare provider before commencing treatment.

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