Discover the Best Oral Herpes Treatment – Can You Really Cure HSV 1?

Discover the Best Oral Herpes Treatment – Can You Really Cure HSV 1?

Oral Herpes Treatment

Herpes is a diagnosis that every patient dreads being given. For the newly diagnosed, oral herpes marks a seemingly life-long condition that will hinder and ruin even the sweetest of moments! The idea of a disfiguring mark being branded where everyone can see it during flare-ups can feel like being branded with a scarlet letter. Herpes sufferers report feeling embarrassed and feel as though other people think less of them. Plus, oral herpes can ruin even the best photo opportunity!

So is there any good news concerning oral herpes, such as an oral herpes cure? To find out that answer, let’s examine existing HSV 1 treatments to see what they can do.

What is Oral Herpes?

HerpesUnderstanding the available treatments and the cure for oral herpes first requires that you understand what herpes is.

Oral herpes is an infection of the mouth and the lips of the herpes simplex virus, also known as HSV 1. It can result in painful sores, known as flare-ups or cold sores, that can manifest themselves on the tongue, the cheeks, the lips and a variety of other surfaces. When the herpes simplex virus causes lesions in these areas the condition is medically referred to as herpes labialis.

An important thing to understand about HSV 1 is that it does not exclusively result in oral symptoms. Sores can present themselves on the genitals. The only difference with the HSV 1 strand is that around four-fifths of all symptoms are present on oral surfaces rather than the genitals.

The Mouth Herpes Cure

While there are a number of anti-viral drugs and other treatments out there, the unfortunate news is that there’s currently no cure for HSV, nor is there a fool-proof vaccine. The diagnosis of HSV 1 is currently a lifelong diagnosis that you will have to live with.

But before you despair to much, understand that there are is a number of treatments, medicines and plans that can help reduce the number of flare-ups and other unfortunate side effects of oral herpes. They can even significantly lower the chances that other people will contract oral herpes from you. For more information about these oral herpes treatments, read on!

The Treatments Available for HSV 1

Treatment for oral herpes can be classified into three distinct approaches: antiviral medicines, vitamins and supplements, and holistic approaches that work to alter a person’s lifestyle and overall health.

Each approach has varied rates of success, just as some treatments have side effects that are more prominent than others.

Let’s examine each type of treatment available to patients to understand how they can be used to combat the effects of oral herpes, and how they can reduce the incidence and severity of flare-ups.

Treatment Option #1: Anti-Viral Medicine

Anti-viral drugs focus on preventing the herpes virus from reproducing in your body, or to keep it from producing flare-ups. This allows the symptoms of oral herpes to be suppressed and to lessen the severity of symptoms that still manage to present themselves while undergoing anti-viral treatment.Anti Viral Medication

The thing to understand is that these drugs are merely a treatment for herpes simplex 1. These are not cures, nor do they represent a guarantee that you will be unable to spread this highly contagious disease to other people. They do not attack oral herpes at the root of its cause but merely aim to suppress symptoms of an outbreak.

Antiviral treatment is divided into three stages: initial treatment, intermittent treatment and suppressive treatment.

Initial treatment aims to lessen the symptoms of herpes outbreaks when you are initially diagnosed with the disease. This can dramatically reduce flare-ups that may be present, which in turn lessens the pain and embarrassment of an episode.

Intermittent treatment is similar to initial treatment in that it should be taken when the initial signs of a flare-up are present. Sores should heal and disappear a few days after presenting themselves when anti-viral drugs are taken for this purpose.

Suppressive treatment generally involves taking a dosage of anti-viral medicine each day. The aim of this is to suppress herpes in people whom have a high rate of flare-ups. This will not eliminate the occurrence of flare-ups, but it can reduce the rate they occur by up to 80%.

Treatment Option #2: Vitamins and Supplements

There are a number of vitamins and supplements that can be used in place of, or in conjunction with, other types of herpes treatments to reduce the occurrence of outbreaks. It’s important to note that while these can be used as oral herpes treatments and can reduce the symptoms of herpes, it’s still possible to spread HSV 1 to a partner.

Herbal SupplementsLysine, propolis, rhubarb and sage are among the leading treatments for HSV 1. They can do everything from speeding up the rate at which cold sores heal to reducing the rate at which flare-ups occur. But before you rush out and begin a cocktail of vitamins, herbs or amino acids, considering getting professional advice so that you can get the most out of your supplements.

Natural supplements may also be helpful in relieving the pain that occurs during a flare-up, which is something that anti-viral drugs tend to be unable to do on their own.

Treatment Option #3: Lifestyle Changes

The other treatments for oral herpes listed here try to directly deal with the symptoms of oral herpes. They address outbreaks, but not necessarily the underlying causes that can allow herpes to flare up or the pain associated with flare-ups.

Lifestyle changes represent a way to deal with the things that can allow episodes of oral herpes flare-ups to occur. Guided imagery, clinical hypnosis, dietary changes and other natural treatments that work to holistically strengthen the body or to teach you how to live a healthier life have been effective in treating oral herpes in many of the people whom have tried them.

Each type of lifestyle change addresses the underlying factors that can allow the HSV 1 virus to produce symptoms or to spread.

For example, meditation can reduce the general amount of stress that a person feels. By reducing the amount of stress you undergo, you’re able to strengthen your immune system. This allows your body to better suppress the herpes virus, which in turn makes symptoms less prone to appear.

Should Anti-Viral Drugs Be Avoided?

Herpes MedicationAnti-viral drugs can cause a number of unwanted side effects. At their mildest, these side effects can include a general feeling of illness, headache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. More severe side effects, while very rare, can include heart palpitations, confusion, blurred vision and dizziness. You can see the full list of side effects of Valtrex, a common anti-viral medication, at

While the more severe side effects of anti-viral drugs are rarer, they do occur. This can force some people to shy away and to avoid treating their oral herpes with conventional medicine.

While there is no HSV 1 cure, the good news is that it’s entirely possible to avoid the aforementioned harsh drugs and their side effects while treating the disease.

Introducing: The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The_Ultimate_Herpes_Protocol_eBookThe most prominent example of oral herpes being successfully treated without the use of conventional medicine is presented in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. Not only do readers of this product educate themselves in how to suppress the symptoms through natural means, but they also acquire a firm understanding of the cause of oral herpes and the risks associated with it.

This can allow sufferers to significantly reduce their stress by taking away the veil that misinformation about herpes often causes. As stated earlier, this helps reduce the effects of herpes on their lives.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol represents one of the best ways to control the spread of cold sores while reducing the number of flare-ups that you encounter. This, coupled with the fact that you can avoid harsh medicines that could detrimentally affect your life, makes it one of the better options if you are affected by the herpes simplex virus 1.

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