Olive Leaf Extract for Herpes: The Natural Treatment You’ve Been Looking For?

Mug of olive leaf tea and dish of OLE capsules

Are you living on the edge never knowing when your next outbreak will occur? Are you too embarrassed to get prescription medications or roam the aisles for an over-the-counter treatment? The solution to many uncomfortable and disconcerting situations that you may be placed in because of herpes is to seek out a natural remedy. Not … Read more

Best Herbs for Herpes – Antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory & Immune-Boosting Remedies

Medicinal Herbs and Flowers

Did you know that herbs can be a powerful ally to have on your side in the fight to prevent herpes outbreaks naturally? There are the antiviral herbs that stop HSV from rallying its troops and multiplying. Anti-inflammatory herbs that soothe the wounds you have already been dealt. And of course, the immune-boosting herbs that … Read more

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