Tea Tree Oil for Herpes: An Inexpensive Way to Control Your Herpes

Are antea trea planttiviral drugs for herpes as efficient as they claim to be?

Some studies show they have benefits for herpes symptoms, but others show inconsistent results.

With the high costs of drugs on the rise, restricted availability is expected.

Treating herpes naturally with tea tree oil won’t cost you a fortune, it’ll only cost you pennies per application.

Plus, we’ll show you how it’s guaranteed to cure your herpes against future outbreaks right here!

Tea Tree Oil & Herpes

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is also known as Melaleuca, and it has various uses from cleaning to cosmetic applications. The native Aborigines of Australia were the first to clue into the medicinal benefits of the leaves by inhaling the scent or applying them directly to the skin.

Furthermore, creeks that had tea tree leaves fall into them are considered “magical healing waters” by the Aborigines. Since tea tree oil has many antimicrobial and medicinal properties, they might just be right! Tea tree oil is extracted via steam distillation using the leaves.

Its main constituents are terpinen-4-ol and y-terpinene. When it comes to tea tree oil and herpes, it’s used to boost the immune system, stop and kill the virus, cool and soothe the skin, and heal the symptoms of an outbreak for faster healing.


How Does Tea Tree Oil Treat Herpes?

5 Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil for Herpes

The most important aspect of using a quality tea tree oil for herpes outbreak is for prevention and early treatment. Some studies had excellent promise, but researchers admitted to using tea tree oil applications too late in the treatment for it have any significant benefits. This breeds the question, “Does tea tree oil for herpes actually work?” Let’s dig in!

Before the herpes virus actually causes an obvious outbreak in the body, it has to undergo a series of events that involves cellular proteins. The virus is most susceptible when it hasn’t yet penetrated the host cell, a process called adsorption. For tea tree oil to be rapidly beneficial, it has to target the herpes virus before penetration.

Bunch of leaves from the Melaleuca plantAccording to this study, “Australian tea tree oil exhibited high levels of virucidal activity against HSV-1 and HSV-2”. The thing about herpes and protein cell production is, herpes can cause microscopic plaque cells, which are abnormal clusters of protein fragments.

These formations are similar to those that are the prime suspects that cause cell and tissue death in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, and a link between herpes and Alzheimer’s has been discovered in a recent study by scientists at the University of Manchester and Edinburgh.

Tea tree and eucalyptus oil have shown to reduce plaque formation that contributes to herpes outbreaks. In this study, plaque formation was reduced by 93 to 98.2 percent. Even with this information under your belt, how does it work to beat herpes? We’re glad you asked! The active phytochemicals in tea tree oil have antiviral activity.

The main constituents of the oil, terpinen-4-ol, terpinolene, and alpha-terpineol show inhibitory effects against HSV replication without damaging the DNA of the host cell. The herpes simplex virus hides from the immune system by using cells as their “hiding place” and remains latent.

The virus also blocks and inhibits the initiation of antigens used to fight off virally-infected cells. When you experience an outbreak, the virus becomes active and makes its way to the skin through the axon (long part of a neuron that leads away from the cell body).

Once it reaches the skin, it’s there that it replicates and sheds causing new lesions and sores. It’s at this point when the virus leaves the cell body that it can be targeted by various essential oil components to prevent replication, inhibit adsorption, reduce plaque assay, and to treat symptoms.


Additional Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Since you’re never quite sure when an outbreak is going to occur, you can always use tea tree oil as a preventive medicine in every aspect of your life. Here’s just some of the additional benefits of using tea tree oil whether or not an outbreak is on the way.

  • Cleanse and purify the airwoman holding essential oil bottle
  • Treatment of occasional skin irritations
  • Support healthy immune system function
  • Purify and cleanse nails
  • Protect against environmental threats
  • Strengthen and protect healthy hair
  • Banish jock itch and athlete’s foot
  • Fight against staph infections and boils
  • Treat chicken pox
  • Soften dry and cracking cuticles
  • Use as a makeup remover
  • Banish foot odor and fungus
  • Clear up acne
  • Possibility to be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-cancer benefits

Types of Tea Tree Oil

There are many factors that come into play when buying tea tree oil for herpes outbreaks. Let’s go over what you want to look for in a quality tea tree oil right here.

Terpinen 4 OL Content

Some tea tree oils may not provide the terpinen levels. If it does, the higher the percentage, the more potent its antiseptic properties will be. Many tea tree oils might contain anywhere between 10 to 45 percent of terpinen. Higher concentrations might cause skin sensitivity, so it’s important to purchase a carrier oil to dilute for topical applications.


Terpinen is extremely susceptible to oxidation when exposed to sunlight. You want to ensure your product arrives and is stored in a dark, glass bottle. When tea tree oil oxidizes, it increases para-cymene levels. Para-cymene is a known skin irritant, so you’ll want to ensure packing is consistent with protecting the oil. As always, don’t use oils that come unsealed, with broken packaging, and open lids.

Oil Concentration/Quality

Some oils may come pre-mixed with a carrier oil. However, other oils are used for fragrance only purposes and are not intended for topical use. You also want to look for unmixed oils that haven’t been blended with other essential oils. Organic and unadulterated oils will also have higher purity, and therefore, better quality.


The price of tea tree oil can depend on the size of the bottle, concentration strength, purity, and dilution. Sometimes, if the price is too good to be true, it might just be. Essential oil quality isn’t regulated in the U.S. Additional research into the company you’re buying from will be necessary to ensure you’re getting a quality product.


How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Herpes

Preventative measures are always the best methods to warding off herpes outbreaks. However, that tingling sensation might occur too late before you the see the signs of a growing lesion. Whether it’s a cold sore on the mouth or an outbreak on the genitals, you can use tea tree oil to speed up healing and hopefully fight off the virus.

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry.

Step 2: Apply 1-3 drops of tea tree oil to a cotton swab or use a q-tip. Tip: never double-dip! Always use a new q-tip when applying the oil.

Step 3: Apply the swab or q-tip to the sores then discard and repeat as necessary.

Step 4: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 at least four times a day or more as desired.

Pipette and bottle of essential oil

Tea Tree Oil Side Effects

This oil is known to be safe and without side effects. However, concentrations of five percent or more are known to cause skin irritations on sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, you’ll want to dilute the oil with a quality carrier oil such as coconut oil.

Don’t use tea tree oil in excess as its menthol-like cooling sensation may feel like burning when you overdo it. For sores inside and on genital parts, which are very sensitive areas, it’s best to dilute with a carrier oil to minimize toxic side effects. Always skin patch first to ensure you can use tea tree oil safely. When an outbreak has occurred, test the oil on one sore first to watch for any side effects.


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While there are yet more studies to determine the full extent of tea tree oil’s benefits for herpes, the results are already established. Tea tree oil does work, and it might be your natural way to keeping herpes at bay!

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a professional healthcare provider before commencing treatment.

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